Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can I realistically gain from renting my property through Quay Management?

The basic method of working out the cost of properties is on a per head per night basis. Large properties close to town carry a premium, and the closer you are to the Marinas the better. Prices vary from £25 per head per night to £160 per head per night depending on location, size and quality of property. However, this is only a guide. When we meet with you and view your home, we will take all factors into consideration and give our expert opinion on what we believe you can realistically expect to achieve. Given the nature of the island, rates can vary a substantial amount from month to month.


I am concerned that my property or furniture will get damaged.

We always ask our homeowners to remove anything within the properties which is of monetary or sentimental value to prevent these situations occurring. In the event of damage (which is extremely rare) the cost of replacement or cleaning of an item will be covered by a damage deposit which is held by Quay Management prior to, and for the duration of, the booking. The damage deposit is approximately £50 per head (a minimum of £200), however this can vary.

Upon completion of the rental, we will contact you (or the nominated person in charge) to check in on the property post-let. In the unlikely event that damage has occurred, we will request to have the incident sent to us in writing (along with any photographs of the evidence) for us to then handle appropriately. If needed, we are happy to view the property first-hand.

We would like to add that it is very rare that we come across these sorts of issues. Should an incident arise, guests are usually more than happy to comply with the procedure and work with us to help rectify the situation. Further details of what happens/what is covered during a booking in the unlikely event of damage is written within the contract which is signed by both homeowner and guests upon booking.


How do I calculate how many visitors my property can accommodate?

The way in which Quay Management looks at capacity within a property is that each bed whether single or double counts as one guest (unless there are couples within the visiting group). We must add that we do not count sofa beds or futons within the property as full beds. However, this may be an alternative option for a child or within lower cost accommodation options.

The key to the accommodation limit is the number of bathrooms. We work on the basis that there is a maximum number of six guests who can share one bathroom within a property. Of course, there is a little flexibility, especially if there are additional WC's or shower rooms. In either case, we can advise you when we visit and view the property.  


How does the booking process work?

Once you have decided to let your home with Quay Management, we will get the property up on to the Quay Management website. The listing will comprise of photographs of the property, a description and features which your home has to offer. If you would like professional (and affordable) photographs to be taken of your home, we have a recommended photographer. Photographs are the shop window to your home and having the best quality will increase the likelihood of bookings. We will then work hard to send out the property details to all potential guests when enquiring for certain dates, property spec and requirements matching your listing. Once the potential guests have expressed an interest, we will contact you to ensure that you are happy to accept the booking and answer any questions you may have.

Once the booking has been confirmed, we will then send the documentation out to both the homeowner (contract) and guests (contract and invoice) to be looked over, signed and returned. There will be a 25% deposit (of the full rental amount) to be paid at the time of booking by the guests. The final balance is then to be paid two months prior to the guest’s arrival. Should the booking be made within two months of the guest’s arrival then the rental amount is due in full at the time of booking (usually within 7-10 days of booking date). All balances are to be paid in advance of the booking.

Further to this, there will be a damage deposit which is to be held by Quay Management. We obtain this prior to and during the rental. This is to be returned in full once the booking has been completed and with confirmation that everything has been left in order.


How do I prepare my house for guests?

The guests are coming to stay in a home from home, the basis of which is that it is ready to move into with linen and towels provided. Whilst there is not a requirement to provide any provisions or flowers, a welcome pack (e.g. local milk, butter, bread and jam) is always well received. We recommend that you remove and store any personal and precious items, but do not feel that you must remove everything. Most of our owners leave their DVD collections, books and many decorative items without any issues. It is also a gentle reminder to the guests that they are in someone’s home.

Cleanliness is absolutely paramount. We pride ourselves on having only top-quality properties and visitors will expect the property (including cookers and ovens) to be in working order and clean. If your property has a garden the grass should be cut and any patio areas, clear and ready to use.
If you offer a BBQ, this too should be clean and ready to use. The better condition you leave your house in, the better it will be returned to you. We would also like to add that as the homeowner, it is your responsibility to have a gas safety certificate carried out and kept up to date at the property (unless under the full management service provided by Quay Management).

To avoid call out charges we would ask that all electrical appliances (from hair dryers and washing machines to fridges and TVs) have been checked, boilers have been serviced and gas safety certificates issued (and kept up to date). Any appliance and devices instruction manuals should be left where they can be easily found, particularly TV guides and remote controls. Many of the homes are period properties and any “quirks” should be noted for your guests.

Plenty of spare keys should be left in places guests can easily access. We would also recommend ensuring that enough keys have been cut for the property and that either Quay Management or another key holder on the island obtains a copy in case of an emergency. Please ensure that all fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are regularly tested and are all in working order.

Should you have any questions, or wish to join the hundreds of Isle of Wight property owners that we have helped over the last two decades, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with Laura Mills on (+44) 7496 363369, Alternatively use our contact form below. Please note, our office hours are Monday-Friday from 09.00-17.00.